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I want a new vw mod
Righto, I've killed my fake vapour flasks 510 and I really jus don't like the dripbox(I have two but the bottles are garbage) and all my other squonk mods are mechs in various states of repair so I'm in the market for a wattage mod that'll take a good kicking as I'm a heavy handed bastard and drop things on concrete and such when I'm running around at work.
So far I've killed an rx200s, gearbest vaporflask, original subox, terminator mech, praxis banshee and I'm sure there's more, lol.

From what I can tell the options are the therion, wraith, vt inbox, dripbox 160(again those bottles so that's a sort of none starter) or make my own which at the moment is a none option due to time restrictions.

It'll probably have a 16mm Origen on top 99% of the time so massive watts isn't a deal breaker

Can anyone shed some light on what I should get? And wether it'll be a reliable mod over months and not days/weeks.
been tempted by the theiron and wraith myself, but i normally prefer mechs, by what iv'e read , they seem pretty decent and reliable , hopefully someone on here has one and can give you some first hand experience of them
vaping is a passion not just a hobby

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I've a lot of love for mechs myself but working 12-18 hour shifts(and I get away with vaping a lot at work) means I have to carry an army of 18650s with me so a vw just makes that wee bit more sense.
I'm seeing the wraith as a good option at the moment but can't find any long term idea of quality. You've definitely echoed my own thoughts that it'll likely come down to those two and probably end up with the wraith as if it gets dropped it's the cheaper option and I quite like the "cartridge" style bottle. Much easier to change up bottles without landing up in a juicy mess like my dripbox and mechs.

Edit: I found the wraith on sale in the U.K. For £29.99 so nabbed a black one and free postage too at, never heard of them, but PayPal accepted so took a punt.

I'm still interested in other options if there are more as I'll only have knackered this thing in a couple of months if my track history is anything to go by.
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Too late now you've bought one. But I was thinking about the geekvape S100.

Looks interesting, but I ain't heard a lot about it.

Mind at £30, for the wraith, you can't go too far wrong.
Carry On Squonking
That's kinda what I thought, if it dies I'll definitely look at that s100 as it ticks a lot of boxes, mainly dual 18650 which isn't overly common.
I would be interested in how you get on with the wraith, especially if you use it with the origen. The price does make it interesting.
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Kanger dripbox 2 is available at provapes but still uses the Kanger bottles. I think you can make the super soft bottles fit the dripbox.
I'm thinking with a bit of tamer build in the Origen I should get decent battery life out of it and still get a kickass vape from it.

I did see the dripbox 2 but Kanger are just out of favour with me just now.
Just in case you get round to considering the Inbox, it's a really nice device but the doors magnets aren't up to keping them the damn door on. Every time I squonked I was left with the door panel hanging on whever appendage was doing the squonking. Shame really as it's otherwise a really nice device.
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I like my origen with a 0.5ohm SS single coil build on my pico squeeze. Last me nicely, and is flavoursome.

Wasn't there something a bit iffy about the dripbox 2's battery life/indicator?
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