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I want a new vw mod
I was just really cheesed of with the bottles as I've got two that are worn out and I read the seals deteriorate on the original dripbox so expected the same from the rest, not sure if it's founded reasoning.

Given the rise of bottom fed rdas over the last 12 months, it's quite surprising that there aren't more regulated mods on the go. I guess manufacturers are maybe wary of the tpd and fda pish that's happening. It's certainly a gap in the market I think, I could be wrong though...
i wonder how a squonkers will be looked at with the tpd, the smallest bottle i have is a 5ml one in my laik mod, will our bottles be classed as tanks ? its a bit of a grey area
vaping is a passion not just a hobby

[Image: tumblr_n5adqxP4Vu1qm8o2po3_r1_250.gif]
I agree, if it's not already then there would probably be a huge rise in squonking vapers and probably premade coil rdas like that noname one that used Aspire k1 bvc coils as a workaround. And that would bring attention and inclusion fast as workarounds do. Let's hope not.

The smok monster coil tank users would probably flock to it too so they don't have to fill the 2ml tank every draw, lol.

Some kind of dual 18650 mod released with a bf conversion kit released either at the same time or shortly after would be a good route round it.

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