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Viglink removed
not sure if you guys know about viglink, but it is an affiliate site with code for forums so when you click on a link and buy something we get a small percentage, and they get a bigger percentage, but hey ho, every little helps. We make about $7 a month from viglink, but I have turned it off today. Not sure what went through these cretins minds, but clearly they wanted a bigger cut of their cut, so i.e. instead of clicking on a link and going to e.g. fasttech, you would now go to a "viglink" search shopping portal. Fuck that bollocks. At least if I click on a link take me to the site in question, but they changed that behaviour so now I have deactivated them. @Moto posted some links to the frankenskull-alike v3 and I clicked on them and did I land up on fasttech? no...... ergo, this isnt how the internet works. Goodbye viglink,

On that note, we are now officially sponsor, adware, malware, affiliate free. No 3rd parties involved. I've had viglink on this site since day 1 but not anymore.
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you know, that happened to me the other day , but only on mobile when i was at work, as soon as i was home, the link took me straight to moto,s fasttech link and no viglink

credit where its due vern, not many forums would be as honest ,its one reason i like ukv , its all paid out of the admins own pocket , whereas some forums i could mention , they do it big style
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yeah, it was like a 1 in 5 thing...I first noticed it the other day when I mentioned I had some laptops for sale on ebay and posted the links, I thought I was losing my mind. Viglink, its not cricket what you're doing!!!
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin

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