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Reo Clone firing pin
I did this mod about a week ago and so far I'm happy with the result.

Reason for doing mod: the reo clone (probably genuine too) has a small firing pin which touches the top of the battery when you push the button. Its a pretty small contact area. Unless you use noalox often, you'll get little scorch marks on your battery...and without noalox your firing pin will degrade and the general advice is NOT to sandpaper it clean as itll remove the coating which makes it wondrous and glorious.

I dont have noalox, so spent my days turning the battery looking for a lucky spot, and got a bit tired of it after a while. a solution was needed.
My KUI mod has a solid contact that is permanently pressed against the battery positive, and then the firing pin hits the opposite side of this contact. I like that, and it has been maintenance free, so I decided to emulate it.

Short story: cut a square of copper, hammer a small nipple into it using a punch or similar, press fit into the plastc housing.

this side:
[Image: IMG_20150824_171149.jpg]

that side:
[Image: IMG_20150824_171201.jpg]

in situ:
[Image: IMG_20150824_164355.jpg]

to make this work I had to get rid of the small turned section in the firing pin, so the firing pin is now a flat section which the button pushes against the top of this copper section. The contact area is quite large now compared to before, and its been running happily now a number of days.
If you copy this, make sure your copper square is a bit oversized so that when you fit it into the plastic you ave to push it into place...that way any force from the battery upwards doesnt dislodge the copper plate. Or glue it or something.

job done
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
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