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Dimensions of Hcigar VT Inbox bottles
(FT SKU 6503500)

I appologise for the bad quality of the images, I was trying to get the flash reflection out of the caliper display, and because the bottle is white, I guess it confused the phone camera. Also, amidst the measuring I noticed my zero was at 0,14 mm, and I swear I zeroed it at the beginning. Don't know what happenned. So there might be some error.  Angel

[Image: xL4jD7N.png]
[Image: qfBqUU9.png]

[Image: Wm6Gaeh.png]

[Image: O86yB0c.png]

[Image: POl7BE3.png]

[Image: YSO2rhb.png]
[Image: UbOpoPW.gif]
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Authentic HCigar VT Inbox Mod Replacement Squonk Bottle (5-Pack)
[Image: 6568400-1.jpg]
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