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stay or go
I took some time off from the online world to concentrate on work...I didnt even visit here for a bit, but on coming back...sadly...not much has changed. We really are a bit quiet here arent we chaps?

Besides Mario gleefully welcoming every would-be spammer, not much is happening.

So that then brings up the question of should we...or should we not..carry on.

This isnt a money thing, the site costs "nothing" in the bigger scheme of things, its just the admin side of things, making sure nobody decides to murder each other because of something said here etc.

so, take part in the poll...I really dont mind either way, but dont want to litter the internet with yet another site that doesnt serve a good purpose. If the site closes, what I'll do is close it to any new registrations, so we effectively become a closed community of limited membership, although anybody can browse. Applications can be made etc and I'll manually approve an account if needed. That way we can be safe the spammers wont cause shit, and the admin side of things will be lessened, such that we still have our small squonking resource. We'e been open two years, and personally my life has moved on a lot since that first day, but the site hasnt gained momentum. I havent really tried (thats me being honest) to publicise it, but for sure, just because I built it doesnt mean they came:-)

poll is open for 14 days to give everybody a chance to read and ponder
Box, check...juice, check...new battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
Well it has been quiet, and I must, like the rest of us, hold up our hands on this.

I feel most people prefer the dreaded Fachache to do their postings now, but there are many, like me, who look on FB with fear and loathing and welcome sites like this.

This site has proved useful and informative to me, it would be a shame if new squonkees were not able to join us easily, but I can also see the advantages of being closed.

All I'm really saying is let's use the site and not let it die.
Carry On Squonking
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Sorry to read it's quiet here because I just joined! I spend a lot of time on a large UK vape forum and some time on the FT discussions and hoped this forum would have loads to offer as a specialist forum. Moto's definitive FT list is here, was hoping to see other such lists and maybe a list of bf pins that work in various attys, RDAs that have been easily converted, sources for squonk bottles, DIY descriptions of fixing common faults, fitting new 510s and all of that and in the one place instead of having to hunt round various general vape forums.
Given that squonking is in a revival these past few months and manufacturers seem to be aware of this and producing more gear for us, maybe wait and see before pulling the plug on the forum.
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Hello Mannikon

There may not be lists here, but I would say there is the knowledge here. Just ask, if you have a query, and fair chance someone will wade in with a good answer. At least that's how I find it.
Carry On Squonking
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I too spent many many maaaany hours on other vape forums in the early days, and I cant say what I didnt like as it wasnt anything in particular, just a vibe.

I'm now working in central london right on top of a very large and busy station and at lunch times I go sit outside and the number of vapers almost outnumber the smokers. Unfortunately, there's always one numbnut blowing vape into everybody's faces, accidentally-on-purpose.

If that can be translated to a forum vibe, then that is the part I didnt like. I'm no longer interested in the nonsense that sometimes accompanies very large communities, would love to just sit around a fire with close friends, metaphorically speaking. But I have to take responsibility for this...I made a small community and you guys exist, and deserve to have a place to chill. I'm totally buggered for time though, my new role in real-life-work carries a ton of responsibility and there's a learning curve as steep as I have ever encountered, so my time is limited and when I get home at night I dont really want to delete a zillion spammy posts (not that it has happened yet).
Box, check...juice, check...new battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
as keef said, we're not big on typing, but if you ask a question you'll get a very valid answer...this isnt facebook:-)
Box, check...juice, check...new battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
everywhere is quiet just now vern, ukv is really quiet ,the pit is all but dead too
vaping is a passion not just a hobby

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It is good whast we got here, taking the sitting round the fire it's totally fine just to sit and no one say anything.

I think Vern, with life as it is for you, it may be asier for you to make this aclosed group, this should be a pleasure not a chore, better we have a closed group of like minders than no group at all.

we should wait till the poll closes and see which way the vote goes, and also how many voted. Then perhaps we can all have a little discussion.
Carry On Squonking
I'm always for open, but the influx of new (silent) members lately is worrying. Maybe assign a few deputys (moderators) if need arises?
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I pop in every day, sometimes more than once. I don't post much because you peeps know far more than me.
Possibly a lot of us have found our "happy place" mod and atty wise and we're sitting waiting for the full effect of the TPD to kick, or maybe The Donald to start WW3.


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