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stay or go
If anyone would like an unmashed igoL to Mod for bottom feed AND video a "how to" I have a spare I would be up for donating!
iv'e got 4 , so don't need one, as for the video ,its really not neeeded

there are 2 ways to do it ,

1 you tap the positive pin out from the top ,when it comes out at the 510, cut a slot in the white washer , so there is around 1-2mm gap , then you need to use a dremmel to put a slot in the 510 pin , so juice can find a way up to the slot you just made , then tap it all back in, it takes around 5mins from start to finish

2 if you have a pillar drill, you can drill a hole in the 510, but you still need to cut a slot in the washer to give the juice a channel to run up
vaping is a passion not just a hobby

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I visit most days to see whats going on, like MacVap I was being put off by the silent newbies.
I don't suffer from shinyitus, so still running the Inoy. Consequently I don't have much to add
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*puts another log on the fire*
Box, check...juice, check...new battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
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I totally forgot i registered here lol, but will make a point of visiting daily....
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I've voted 'stay open'...but with the caveat that it's not gonna mean a loada work for Vern....!
Realised that I have n't logged in here since 25th Jan tho'!!!
Personally, I think that's because since running Squeezes/L16s......I simply have n't needed to read about new kit!
i think i can safely say we wont be closing anytime soon,with the workload being shared , problems halfed , im sure if any of us need a break or time away with work, family type things, there will always be one of us around,

yes it would be nice if we could all post a bit more, but your input is valued, novice or experienced , personally , im going to try and post a bit more myself, iv'e promised to take a few pics of things i do with my own gear, something i take for granted and forget some people are maybe scared or unsure what to do to modify something , especially if it cost a few quid, ive been really busy lately with family being up from kent, one of my sons moved back home , so had a lot on , constant backshift , but will try harder as we have a good bunch here, iv'e never once had to have a word with anyone about anything , other forums , some can be right arses and forget there is a person at the other end reading their snidey comment , which can scare some people off , iv'e seen many people leave places, because of bullying by a certain few , its not pleasant
vaping is a passion not just a hobby

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I've got some time this coming week to look at Modding a couple of igoL Atties to BF, and try and get my VA Cyclone to function consistently (sometimes it fires, sometimes not) by adjusting the 510 pin.
I just got a decent(ish) hands free magnifier, so that'll help, and new blades for my craft knife to try and slit/channel the insulator on my igol 510 pin. Any tips on how wide, or deep to go?
I bought a Dremmel style (Lidl) tool for a couple of other Hobby jobs, so could I utilise that, or is it a bit brutal??
dremel is way overkill so mucking around with insulators...any half decent craft knife of even a scissor (for the rubbery types) will work ok. A slot that is around 1mm or 2mm once the insulator is refitted will still provide enough force to hold the pin in the center and allow liquid to go through easily enough. Squonk holes themselves are rarely bigger than 1-1.5mm OD, so if your insulator slot is any bigger than that then its too big already. (yes, I know the maths about area of a circle and area of a rectangle and whatnot, but when cutting with a scissor it may be wise to realise the maths isnt going to be determining factor of accuracy :-) )

The only times Ive used my dremel was when slotting the actual 510 pins themselves, and even then its a quick affair. Takes longer packing it away that the actual cutting part.
Box, check...juice, check...new battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
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btw, poll closes on the 25th-ish, but its a bit of a forgone conclusion that we're staying open
Box, check...juice, check...new battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin
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