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Sales, trades, PIF, wanted
Added a new section for sales, trades, swops, pay-it-forwards, wanted etc. Try to keep it squonking related, but there is no hard and fast rule where vaping gear is concerned.

We're all adults so the rules would be simple
1) First to post that they want to buy the thingy, gets to buy the thingy.
2) If you are selling something, PLEASE, put a price, a description, a picture and your location (if you are offering a collection). Your price should include tracked postage
3) If the item is sold, edit the thread title to include the word ***SOLD*** and I'll lock the thread and put the thread somewhere out of the way/archive etc for later reference/disputes and so on.

If you use paypal F+F you're on your own. Seriously, just say NO. If an item is for sale and the seller insists on F+F as payment then I'll go kung-fu on their ass.

If you post something without a tracking number the same applies, you are on your own should something go wrong. Just add the £1 or whatever to your sale price and pay the post office for registered mail. This is to protect you, me, the seller, and Batman. Batman doesn't like it when we post unregistered items.

Guest cant access this forum, it is for registered users only.

I dont want to be a nanny to anybody on here, but if something goes wrong feel free to post about it.

********By using this you agree not to hold the forum, or the forum administrators resposible in the event of any problems. This is purely provided as a meeting place for buyers and sellers of items, doesnt promote the item sales, nor do we profit from it. It is simply a service which you can use or ignore at your own discretion.********
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin

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