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Geyscano 50w VS S-body 50w


[Image: UbOpoPW.gif]
From what I've gathered from reading, I'll list only the cons:

- the name
- iffy craftsmanship (corners, seams etc.)
- some (many?) boards have died

S-body S-CA3
- Wierd fire button placement
- Nothing is holding the bottle from below?
- Not much is known about the board, maybe the device is too new? OK, more hits if I know it's also called Firebox.
[Image: UbOpoPW.gif]
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Well from what I can make out the Firebox's bottle screws in & has a metal tube all the way,so maybe less prone to leaks..the bottle on my expired vf squonk was only held in by willpower, so I put a nemesis spring below it as it fell out a couple of times.
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Well, I pulled the trigger on S-CA3 from Focal. Less than 64 USD with a coupon (those are easily found all over the net).
[Image: UbOpoPW.gif]
Good choice, I think. Don't know much about either in terms of user experience but I do like the look of the SCA-3.

You can get spare bottles for them here:
I had the sca-1 15w version and the thread for the bottles is the "common" one used in the cheap eliquids..not sure how to describe it. Bottles from onepoundeliquid and darkstar screwed in correctly. Looking at the link JoBo kindly posted it doesnt seem they have changed the threading.
Box, check...juice, battery, check.....SQUONK! Big Grin

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