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cars,or bikes
Back in the day, me and my mates used run what ever was cheap and cheerful.
Old Ford Anglias with 1500 gt lumps, homemade crossmembers for the gearbox.
Banded steel wheels with "huge" 175/13 tyres, best brake pads/shoes that we could afford.
Torched or cut down front coils and 2inch lowering blocks at the (cartspring) back end.
And don't forget the bucket seats. We were the undiscovered rally kings.  Smile
Good fun, cheap motoring, cheap real petrol, not this modern unleaded  E10 shite.
Now we're all practical, commuting family cars. In my case a 4L Jeep Grand Cherokee
for towing duties. Caravan to Wales this summer, and Santa Pod in the autumn.


p.s. Into bikes, like the TT not too bothered about GP stuff.

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