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Vern's squonk log - vern - 10-16-2015

It dawned on me that I do very little maintenance to my squonker as of late, so I'm going to make a log everytime I do something...this will help me to note when I do something, and by making it public others can see how little effort is involved. I'll edit this as I go along and I encourage other users to start their own squonking log

So..current mod is KUI with Owl rda on top
16/10/2015 am - added 8mls juice, fresh battery, fresh cotton (coils about 2 months old by now)
17/10/2015 am - battery change, top up juice bottle (took about 6ml's to get to full)

RE: Vern's Squonking log - vern - 10-18-2015

18/10/2015 am - new battery, full 10ml topup.(for reference sake, .35ohm coil...juice is around 1.5mg - 3mg)
19/10/2015 am - new battery, full 10ml topup

RE: Vern's squonk log - vern - 10-20-2015

20/10/2015 am - new battery, around 6ml topup
20/10/2015 pm - new battery (heavy day)

RE: Vern's squonk log - vern - 10-21-2015

21/10/2015 am - new battery, around 8ml topup, and going to change cotton tonight. (been about 50mls through this cotton already I'd guess)
22/10/2015 am - chucked in a fresh battery and about 6ml topup. New cotton working nicely

RE: Vern's squonk log - vern - 10-24-2015

23/10/2015 am - new battery, 10ml juice
24/10/2015 am - switched to Kangxin Inoy 60w TC squonker with Velocity rda - new battery, 10mls.
24/10/2015 pm - new battery, 5ml topup

RE: Vern's squonk log - vern - 11-14-2015

Back on the KUI mech with an Owl atty today to try nail down if my batteries are old or if the Kangxin Inoy is just very hungry with batteries.

So far, stuck in battery 11am and still squonking it hard.

RE: Vern's squonk log - vern - 11-17-2015

yup...back to long happy squonk one battery with the mech.
Going to rebuild the TC unit with a higher ohmage coil setup and will retest.

RE: Vern's squonk log - vern - 11-19-2015

I've sprunk a leak. A bottle I was using has developed a small 5mm crack, horizontally, about halfway up. Tragic. And it only lasted about a year. I'm feeling very ripped off:-)

RE: Vern's squonk log - vern - 11-29-2015

...wifey got the new kangxin inoy silver box on friday, so for the time being I thought I'd use her smokeless/terminator. (with modded button)
forgot how good this thing is. Squonks so easily.
have I gone full circle? this was my first squonker.

RE: Vern's squonk log - vern - 05-10-2016

comment on the dripbox by kangertech. Damn thing is simply superb. Doesnt miss a beat. I'm chucking in a full 7ml/day and not even using up a full battery in the process (maybe a bottle and a half per battery) this is at 0.4ish ohms.
All the paint is off and it really looks nice in this guise.