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WELL - cheekiecharlie - 01-01-2019

Happy New Year, to all my squonk buddie's out there , where the fuck are you all, the only posts are new intros,

come on , where is the passion Smile

RE: WELL - wobbly - 01-01-2019

Happy New Year.

Still here, still lurking.
I pop in at least once a day to have a look.
Doesn't seem to be a lot happening on any of the forums.
I am, however, enjoying some caramel custard.
Using my fave wasp nano, 0.5 ohm clapton coil, on
my new xmas pressie, an aspire feedlink.


RE: WELL - vern - 01-06-2019

happy new year guys! I've just come out of a (tech) coma and thought I'd pop in and say hi to whomever was about.
lots of things going on this year..and we do live in interesting times as someone once said.
lets hope its a great 2019 for all!