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Geekvape GBOX Squonker box - Moto - 11-17-2017

RE: Geekvape GBOX Squonker box - Moto - 03-25-2018

Easy to remove the squonk rod and fit a normal bottle. You would then have to use a fill bottle exclusively.

Remove the side panel (4 screws). Remove the 2 screws on the collar that the bottle pushes into. The rod is connected to the 510 by a short length of tubing. Remove the rod and tubing. Fit your bottle - I am using a Lost Vape bottle but it is tight, Refit the side panel and enjoy.
My side panel doesn't screw down all the way but I love the lost vape bottles. Other bottles such as the SMJY would not have this problem.

You can do the same with the original Gbox and the dropbox 160.