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Frankenskull help - SirPrize - 05-24-2017

I have destroyed the 510 squonker unit on my Frankenskull clone trying to get it to work.
Does anyone know of anything that I can replace it (the connector unit) with that an imbecile can fit? Sick

RE: Frankenskull help - cheekiecharlie - 05-24-2017

Get a squonk 510 from mod maker.co.uk and solder the contacts in

RE: Frankenskull help - vern - 05-24-2017

as above, the modmaker.co.uk 510's are known to fit and a few have used them already in the frankenskull

RE: Frankenskull help - SirPrize - 05-24-2017

Thank you both for your prompt response. Smile