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  squonking and leaks
Posted by: vern - 05-26-2015, 11:01 AM - Forum: Troubleshooting - No Replies

With squonking, you may have eliquid leaks at times, as we rely on tubing and mostly press-fit connections.
While this may not be tragic, the counterside to this is every eliquid leak in our tubing is also an air leak. And air leaks arent nice.
It means when we push the bottle, some of our force is being spent on pushing out air or liquid that doesnt reach our rda.

it also means when the bottle returns to shape, it doesnt correctly suck up all the excess liquid in our rda.

Air leaks can occur
1) at the bottle's cap. Some bottles have an oring on the threading, but always check this area
2) where the tube enters the bottle. This should be tight. If you created your own hole in the bottle, consider a small sized drill bit, or a larger diameter tubing to compensate.
3) where the tube connects to the 510. Again, this should be tight. Sometimes you can add a drop or two of superglue on the connector, allow it to dry FULLY and then push your tubing on. The superglue works to increase the diameter of the connector, making the tubing press fit tighter
4) between the rda and the 510. The eliquid generally chooses the path of least resistance, so while this area may be "wet" when removing the rda for maintenance, you should not be getting eliquid dribbling out of this area. If you do, investigate why and take remedial action. If  there is no clear reason, you can fit the oring from a drip tip around the rda 510 connector, and use the adjustability built into the 510 and/or rda to ensure you still have an electrical connection.

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  VIE V2
Posted by: vern - 05-26-2015, 10:52 AM - Forum: Boxes and tubes - Replies (3)

the VIE v2 is a wooden, dual 18650 box available at
for the princely sum of $19
I have one on order with the intention of running it as a squonker...replacing one of the batteries with a 10ml eliquid bottle.

Why does this box score in this way:
1) wood. Wood is good..it means it is easy to work with using hand tools. It is also relatively light
2) the price is low for a wooden box.
3) dual 18650, in parallel, means there is no further circuitry to involve when substituting one battery for an eliquid bottle.
4) the door slides on. This makes it ideal to create a small cutout to squonk through. It also makes bottle changes a snap.
5) the 510 connector is not central, but off to one side, probably directly under one of the batteries. This means that fitting a bottle to that slot would be easy, as the feed tube doesnt have to twist or kink at all

[Image: sku_24329_1.jpg][Image: sku_24329_2.jpg]
[Image: sku_24329_2.jpg][Image: sku_24329_3.jpg]

I expect the area under the 510 to have some wondrous glue/wiring, but as the connector is a 22mm affair, I also expect to be able to gut this out easily to fit a fatdaddy 510 bf pin. Any wiring would in anycase be replaced or reworked. The switch may need replacing too. The logo, while not being the nicest thing on the planet, doesnt seem to be etched/engraved deeply. Sanding would remove this if you choose.
This may well end up being Trigger's broom :-)
eta: 2 weeks

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  Our forum - guidelines
Posted by: vern - 05-26-2015, 10:39 AM - Forum: General chat - Replies (1)

I've been on many many forums, and most of them can grow to a certain size before trouble starts erupting. The trouble is not always resolved, leaving certain users with a bad taste in their mouth.
While I don't pretend to have all the answers, the one forum where I find these things become self-healing is at fasttech. Users are all adults and can sort themselves out, including me. Nobody really likes being told off by "management"

As such, here's some guidelines to initially "guide" the forum users.
1) we're all adults
2) we all have bad days
3) contribute! We learn via sharing
4) talk, ask questions, do not be shy
5) if something winds you up, give yourself 5 minutes before starting a fight. Because it isnt worth it, honestly. Sarcasm and such is easy to pull off online, but there arent any points, nobody gains, nobody benefits.

As part of this, squonking.co.uk will have minimal moderation. Hopefully, you wont even notice it at all. My duties as moderator will be solely based on cleaning up any spam and posting articles and items to further squonking, vaping.

Also, the PM system (private messaging) is disabled, and will be kept disabled. If anything needs to be said, it can be said in the open. If alliances are formed, it is better if everybody knows it. If sales go wrong, at least all dealings will be public knowledge.

read rule #1
We are all adults. We can sort out our problems publicly.

thanks, and keep squonking!

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  What is squonking?
Posted by: vern - 05-26-2015, 10:13 AM - Forum: Tutorials - Replies (3)

Squonking is a form of vaping that alters the eliquid delivery mechanism.
Instead of a tank relying on vacuum to slowly replenish the wicking material, and instead of dripping eliquid into the top of a dripper, we have a third method.

The eliquid can enter the rda from the bottom! This is NOT a new discovery, but it is fair to say it is gaining momentum currently amongst users as we are rediscovering the benefits, and the modern crop of 22mm dripping atomisers can be used instead of the older cartomizer method.

Sometimes called bottom-feeding, or bf, or squonk, or squonking:-) Use whichever is most comfortable:-)

1) you can walk around wtih 10ml+ of eliquid ready-to-use
2) everytime you "squonk" the bottle, the exact, precise amount of eliquid is delivered to the wicks. Fresh eliquid.
3) it is possible to go 2 or even 3 days without worrying about juice, batteries, coils, wicks
4) your wicks stay much much cleaner
5) changing the wicks is a super simple procedure, the same as you would follow for a dripping atomiser.
6) no over-dripping, no under-dripping..its like dripping, but better, as no eliquid hangs around in a hot chamber getting repeatedly heated before vapourising.

How to squonk:
1) Push your bottle gently, there is no reason to be he-man, and watch the eliquid rise into the rda
2) release the bottle, and the bottle will return to shape, but the vacuum caused by this process ends up sucking the excess eiliquid in the rda BACK into the bottle! All that is left in the rda is your nicely wet wicks and a small excess.
3) sit back and vape for a few minutes, once you feel the flavour diminishing, just gently squonk the bottle again.

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  Shops selling diy parts
Posted by: vern - 05-26-2015, 09:53 AM - Forum: Discussion - self made - Replies (4)

The following shops sell diy parts that can be utilised for squonking

stealthvape.co.uk - boxes, buttons, wires and various nik-naks you'll find handy
modmaker.co.uk - fatdaddy 510's including bf kits, boxes, switches, wires, connectors, led's etc etc. It is possible to buy all you need from this one shop, however at the time of writing, bottles and tubing werent available here.
svapiamo.com - complete bf mods, empty boxes, clone rda's, square bottles, 510's bf with catch cup

Please add more as and when you find them:-)

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  new in
Posted by: vapefan - 05-26-2015, 09:52 AM - Forum: New user introductions - Replies (7)

hi chaps/chapesses
just found this site after purchasing a cheapo squonker,Already looking for an upgrade (will probably attempt to knock one up from the cheapo as it feels cack,and i have some mahogany around somewhere) looking forward to plenty of tips from here

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  Improving Smokeless Owl button, reducing misfires to zero
Posted by: vern - 05-26-2015, 09:22 AM - Forum: Boxes and tubes - Replies (2)

After using my Smokeless Owl for over a week I started to notice a tendency for the switch to fire, but somehow we weren't getting full voltage
I stripped the whole unit and found that the firing pin passes through a metal ring, however, the firing pin was touching this ring on the side, instead of on the top as designed.

It would appear, certain length batteries (the crucial part was how low the positive contact was, compared to the wrapping area) would allow the pin to depress fully and make correct contact, whereas others would mean the pin hits the top connector of the battery before full contact with the ring is achieved.

I studied the design over a nice glass of Sambuca, and decided that the designer knew of this, and catered for it, but the parts specced were at fault.
namely, the negative contact/spring was waaay too strong. If this spring could depress slightly when you pushed the button, and pressed the battery down a bit, then you would always have full contact. This is very similar to how the KUI was deisgned.

Out comes the soldering iron, a spring was found, and this is the result.

Here is a short video showing the process..I have centered on the bottom of the battery, you can see it moving around half a mm DOWN everytime I push the firing button. This space is what was lacking on the original setup..the half mm movement now allows the switch to bottom out correctly on the contact ring.
i.e. switch travel ends when it bottoms out on the contact, NOT when it touches the top of the battery.
My clouds are now consistent.

***pls see below for another method, using the original contact points with a softer spring inserted****

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  Smokeless Owl bottle test
Posted by: vern - 05-25-2015, 10:37 AM - Forum: Boxes and tubes - No Replies

Reading competing forums, and some users seem be think the bottle on the smokeless owl is too soft.
I had a look in my vape box for suitable sized bottles, and found the ones from Darkstar Vapour to be an exact fit, size and threading are perfect.
On a hardness scale, with smokeless owl supplied bottle being a 5 out of 5 for softness, and a hangsen 10ml bottle being 1 out of 5, I would put the Darkstar bottles at somewhere between a 4 or a 4.5 They are squidgy, but not as squidgy as the supplied smokeless owl bottles.

Lets test.

Squonking up is fine, it isnt difficult, when you let go it squonks back much faster. Less than 1 or 2 seconds to return to original shape.
While this seems good, looking at the atty while squonking shows bad results. The bottle returns to shape so quickly that it actually sucks in air past the liquid..so the squonkback isnt sucking back liquid only, but a lot of air and a little bit of liquid. This was on 50/50 liquid. I'd expect the results to be worse with less flowy liquid..the liquid doesnt have a chance to flow back at the speed the bottle is sucking., ...higher vg percentage is what is normally used when dripping so this just gets worse. I dont use high pg juices anymore either.

*IF* the smokeless owl bottles are to be considered sub-par, then my search continues. However, it is relevant to note that I personally find them ok. They squish in, and they squish out, and the excess liquid returns fine. It looks lethargic sometimes, but it *works* fine.
I've returned to the OEM bottle now out of choice.

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Posted by: vern - 05-25-2015, 08:04 AM - Forum: Discussion - shop bought - No Replies

The KUI is a box made by SCANS international. It was briefly sold in some web outlets, and via forums in the UK. Cast zinc alloy and fully mechanical, suitable for 18650 batteries

In this photo, the KUI is in the centre

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  Reos Mods
Posted by: vern - 05-24-2015, 07:01 PM - Forum: Discussion - shop bought - No Replies

reo's are well known aluminium squonkers originating from america. A functional design, using reliable simple components.

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